The dyes and tinting

The main activity in the laboratory is focused on the preparation of dyes for tinting organic lenses CR39  and High Index (HI – High Index).
We also tint lenses commissioned by the customer, using any of the more than thirty colors available or using the color sample that is provided dl customer.

Color sample and consultancy

With a palette of more than thirty samples it is easy for us to perform a tonal coloration sample upon customer request.
The laboratory staff has more than thirty five years of experience and is at your disposal for any advice.

Our services are comprehensive and efficient solution for every need.

Chemical solutions

Among the products that you can find in our catalogs include:

  • decolorante concentratoconcentrated liquid bleach to lighten the lenses in CR 39
  • products for the removal of hard coating
  • Anti Reflex Stripper (A.R. Stripper) – Product to stip away the anti-reflective coating
  • solutions for eliminating hue too red in the lens
  • solutions to increase the capacity of absorption of UV rays.

Laboratory gear

On request you can purchase machines for coloring:

  • tanks 2, 4 color, 5, 5 + 5 or 6 places
  • lenses clamps
  • glass beakers and cups of stainless steel

Samples and UV filters

Protection from ultraviolet rays is one of the priorities of a lens or a colored filter.

We have a wide range of filters that can be colored and which can be treated with UV treatment.
We provide to the customer:

  • neutral filters (not colored)
  • in full color filters
  • gradient filters single color
  • in two colors double gradient filters (75% above, 25% below)

All filters can be basic or shimmed.

By customizing the product, we can create no problems samples tailored to meet every need.